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FUSIONTEC is a young company that has been founded by Revimac with the aim to integrate its activities in the field of forehearth system supply. In its first three year of operation Fusiontec has been involved in the design and production of almost 140) projects, that delivered efficient and reliable solutions for glass contact in bonded Alumina (42) and superstructure in Mullite or Zirconium-Mullite (63) for both forehearths and working-end throughout Europe, Asia, Russia and South-America. In these three years of operation the accomplishments have been many with a growing number of satisfied customer and now, Fusiontec is also developing integrated/auxiliary glass melting control solution for budget conscious markets and tableware plants as well. Fusiontec can now provide a flexible engineering with due attention to the budget and a flawless installation. Fusiontec is designing tailor-made solution to upgrade/retrofit existing systems, with stand-alone packages including not only the combustion equipment, but also the automation and the control system featuring a compact design in order to optimize the space requirement for installations. Those tailor-made solutions could also be managed with the usual friendly operator interface equipped with one or more SCADA supervisors, giving the opportunity of remote control, even by using a commercial smartphone. Professionalism and expertise, combined with a new approach to the manufacturing of refractory materials for the conditioning of glass, are the foundations of Fusiontec, which is focused on two relevant guidelines: • Quality as a rule • R&D as a mission

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