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What does Coronavirus (COVID-19) mean for the Glass Industry Digital Marketing?

Only one thing, it has never been a better time for digital marketing.

Surely, terrible things are happening now. It puts pressure on the supply chains, contracts are being canceled, and business is on the decline.

Not all companies will stay untouched. In the Glass Industry, sales of which heavily depend on traditional international exhibitions, the decline will affect manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

Nevertheless, companies, that are able to redistribute their resources wisely, will be able to compensate the losses after the hysteria with the coronavirus comes to the end.

The matter of the fact is that after removing the restrictions, the market will experience a great demand in the fields that were paralyzed during the crisis. The purchase boom of products and services will definitely take place.

In the Glass Industry, for example, glass manufacturers will need to resume trainings, invite specialists to improve the production efficiency, upgrade equipment and buy raw materials again.

How can glass industry suppliers, such as machinery and equipment manufacturers or service companies, prepare themselves for this post-crisis boom?

The answer lies in digital technologies that hardly suffer from the pandemic.

In conditions of limited mobility, an agent, who sells equipment, cannot go to the factory with his brochures and presentations, and cannot visit the exhibition to make a deal. But, if we look at the situation on the other hand, a huge resource has been freed up, which must be used to get us ready for a quick recovery.

In times of failed printed brochures and strict saving, what tools do marketing specialists have?

  • Phone calls (everyone does not like cold calls, especially now).
  • Emails (often goes to spam, this is not a secret).
  • Social networks (information just drowning in a sea of not relevant news).
  • Pricey promotion on the Internet

However, there is yet another tool available, such as

  • Specialized platforms that promote your brand, products and services and give your customers more ways to discover and reach you.

As representatives of one of these platforms we decided to temporarily remove the limit on the number of regular products and services published on Glass Open Book for newly registered companies.

Register your business account and showcase your best products and services for free.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and do not be afraid to use all the possible opportunities to support and keep your business up and running.

And let's stick together in these difficult times.

Alexey Romankov and The Glass Open Book Team.

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