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Sklostroj is engineering company which has been specializing for 70 years in production of forming equipment for container glass lines. We produce IS machines, timing and drive systems, standalone systems such as pushers, stackers, feeders, gob distributors and other related products and services. ...
GS supplies innovative services as well as hardware and software products to improve glass melting, conditioning and forming efficiency. We help customers to increase glass quality, production efficiency and yield while reducing costs and emissions.
Dias Turnov, s.r.o. is Czech manufacturer of the metal and resinoid grinding diamond wheels mainly for glass industry. We also produce diamond saw blades, diamond drills and milling routers, diamond hand pads, machines for surface grinding and polishing and the sapphire, ruby and ceramic industrial ...
FlammaTec, spol. s r.o. & FlammaTec Germany GmbH offer burners suitable for all type of regenerative furnaces, end port and side port. All burners produce highly luminous flame with underport and sideport installation and they are suitable for oil, gas and dual fuel creating low NOx through excellen...
Professional Service, Container glass Expertise Founded in 2014, T&T is fast becoming one of the most trusted independent companies in terms of supporting the container glass industry with innovation, service and support. Our reputation is a result of hard work, attention to detail, honesty and p...
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