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Glass Container - Forming Defects App
APEGG - Glass Experts
Structured glass container forming defects application developed by glass experts, replacing existing defect manuals making access to information faster and easier. It covers all aspects of forming defects in glass containers.
This web-based appl...
Gob/Orifice Calculator
APEGG - Glass Experts
To make the “perfect gob”, a correctly sized refractory orifice ring is required. With this online application the orifice ring size can be determined, by entering the glass container weight and adjusting the gob diameter to length ratio. The cal...
Parison Run Calculator
APEGG - Glass Experts
This online calculator is for people who need access from anywhere in the world using web browser.
Simply enter the weight, capacity of the container and mould cavity – the calculator will do the rest and give the answer about parison run and ...
DES - Defect Elimination System
APEGG - Glass Experts
This digital solution is the ‘production consultant’ for the operator that is always available. There is no more need to invite specialists from outside the plant to fix forming defects – even newly hired and untrained people can fix defects by...
Glass Container - Gob Forming Simulator
APEGG - Glass Experts
The Gob Forming Simulator visualizes in a virtual 3D environment the influence of adjusting the feeder control parameters, such as: refractory tube & plunger height, plunger stroke & differential on the gob shape. Simulate and show in a class room th...
GC Forming Process Animation
APEGG - Glass Experts
This 3D interactive animation replicates the real forming processes used during glass container manufacturer. A perfect tool for explaining customers and employees how a gob is formed into a bottle or jar.
The user can view the mould equipment a...
AQL Calculator
APEGG - Glass Experts
Everybody working in quality who must take decisions needs to know about AQL.
With this calculator there is no more need to read complicated sheets to find how many samples to take. Simply enter the lot size, select the sample plan, and give th...