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APEGG - Glass Experts
The Glass Container Forming Defects App (GCFDA) is a digital glass defects manual that provides information about common glass defects, including glass defects pictures, standard names, and cause & remedies. This App contains information about the so...
Published: October 01, 2017 Viewed: 42255 (+4) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
DES, the world's first independent system to use smart algorithms for eliminating glass container forming defects. This system gives clear step-by-step instructions to the glass forming machine operator, memorizes actions taken, analyses decisions ma...
Published: October 01, 2017 Viewed: 20683 (+4) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
The world’s first Gob Forming Simulator that simulates the forming of a glass gob under real industrial conditions. This simulator can be used to understand the gob formation on any type of feeder equipment, no matter if servo or mechanical feeder me...
Published: October 03, 2017 Viewed: 18704 (+4) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
Ring size calculator This Gob / Orifice Calculator allows glass makers to determine the required refractory orifice ring size (diameter) based on the ideal glass gob for the production run. Enter the glass container weight (bottle or jar) and select...
Published: October 02, 2017 Viewed: 17159 (+3) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
Glass Container Forming Process Animation, is the world’s first 3D interactive animation that shows how a glass gob is transformed into a bottle or jar. In the glass container industry this process step is often referred to as forming. There are thre...
Published: October 05, 2017 Viewed: 12096 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
With this Parison Run Calculator the glass container mould equipment designer can quickly calculate the length of the parison for a wide mouth jar. The calculations are based on the actual glass jar capacity and weight, making it easy to understand h...
Published: October 06, 2017 Viewed: 9251 (+0) Total views (+ views today)