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Maintain the high-quality standard of your instruments and have confidence in their measurement accuracy with the VPInstruments service programs. Make sure that the cornerstone of your daily decisions is in excellent shape.   VPInstruments service ...
Published: September 02, 2022 Viewed: 32 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
DECO Glitter Coat – A brilliant & inspiring look Whether sophisticated and elegant or shrill and crazy – Glitter Coat gives your product a completely new character that immediately catches the end customer’s eye. Festive occasions, special editions ...
Published: May 10, 2022 Viewed: 172 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Labelling is the application of self-adhesive labels directly to the raw glass or the previously coated bottle. This provides the product with an individual identity as well as an impressive look. Labelling is a successful and economically viable opt...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 208 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
You want your product to look good, always and everywhere. Shrink sleeves wrap around your bottles like a second skin, adapting to the contours of the bottles. Sleeves provide space for endless design variety and your advertising message all over. Th...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 179 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
When colour meets glass and both unite, a simple and in itself unimpressive bottle turns into a real brand packaging. From that moment on, bottle and message are inseparable. DECO GLAS realises your idea, using modern screen-printing technology – whe...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 207 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
DECO GLAS has been using the powder coating process for 50 years. As a customer, you can benefit from our experience and from our latest developments. For the coating specialists at DECO GLAS are at the forefront when it comes to attractive and funct...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 231 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Excelsius Global Services GmbH
REGENERATOR CLEANING   INCREASED EFFICIENCY OF YOUR REGENERATORS When your regenerators are underperforming it is usually caused by sulphates blocking your checkerwork. We can install our high velocity burner units below the rider arches of your ...
Published: February 16, 2022 Viewed: 243 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Excelsius Global Services GmbH
YOUR FURNACE EMPTIED SAFELY WITH REDUCED WATER USAGE When you need to empty the glass out of your furnace, we can offer you our services for Glass Furnace Tap and Drain. We work with you to plan a best location to make the hole for your Glass furna...
Published: February 16, 2022 Viewed: 231 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Excelsius Global Services GmbH
YOUR PROJECTS We are committed to providing a reliable service to you within the Float, Container/Hollow, Specialist and Fiberglass sectors.   OUR SERVICES • Heat Up & Expansion Control (including contraction measurement) • Controlled Cool Down • H...
Published: February 16, 2022 Viewed: 224 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
HOLDRA Limited
Glass Inspires And Impresses Consumers - A good visualization of your glass products is a must when you want to impress your customers and increase sales. Glass can communicate through its shape and high quality renders can deliver that sense. Start...
Published: January 24, 2022 Viewed: 1048 (+3) Total views (+ views today)
Wedge Consulting by Pietro Agnetti
CONSULTANCY - Preliminary project study - Cost/benefit evaluation of machines, equipments and materials   SERVICE - On site and remote inspection - Support during project management
Published: December 14, 2021 Viewed: 336 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Repair all AC and DC drives (JETTER & SIEMENS). Industrial automation systems and implementation of various control processes.   NikaPadAlborz Company is ready to provide maintenance and repair services for industrial machinery, control systems, elec...
Published: December 01, 2021 Viewed: 310 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Droigk Formen Service GmbH
MOULDS ARE OUR PASSION - this is why glass factories from all over Europe have trusted DROIGK Formen Service GmbH in the repair of moulds and mould equipment. Always offering our customers the right solution for their moulds - that is our philosophy....
Published: April 14, 2021 Viewed: 942 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
Marposs are a Global supplier of measurement and quality systems for the Glass container industry.   After Sales Service Marposs Care: to optimize quality and productivity One of the biggest challenges for maintenance people is not only keeping e...
Published: March 01, 2021 Viewed: 564 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
The Glass Container Advisory LLC
Our construction advisory services to the glass container industry include: - scope development - schedule development - resource allocation - procurement strategy - bid documentation - acceptance protocols - project feasibility - project control - d...
Published: January 08, 2021 Viewed: 691 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
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