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APEGG - Glass Experts
NNPB forming process The five-step programme from APEGG will ensure a smooth introduction of the Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB) process within any glass plant operation. Following the APEGG way the customer can expect to produce successfully bottle...
Published: March 26, 2018 Viewed: 10817 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
In glass container manufacture mould design is an essential part, without it there will be no moulds to produce bottles & jars on the forming machines. Four factors must be considered, Parison Layout, Mould Gear, and Top Tool design, all of these mus...
Published: March 24, 2018 Viewed: 4432 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
Mould equipment repair is essential for good glass container production, it has a direct impact on the mould equipment performance. Understanding how to repair the mould gear and top tools in an efficient way will save time and money, plus it will ex...
Published: March 23, 2018 Viewed: 3524 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
This APEGG training course is for production personnel who need to know how to prepare the “perfect” gob for glass container production (bottle & jar). During this course students learn the fundamentals of gob shaping and how a “bad” gob influences t...
Published: March 22, 2018 Viewed: 9498 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
Wedge Consulting by Pietro Agnetti
CONSULTANCY - Preliminary project study - Cost/benefit evaluation of machines, equipments and materials   SERVICE - On site and remote inspection - Support during project management
Published: December 14, 2021 Viewed: 802 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Hotwork International
Blocked Regenerators are causing not only problems with production capacity but also reducing thermal efficiency of Furnaces and thus increase the cost per produced ton of glass. Cleaning the Regenerators can solve both problems.   MELT OUT OF BLOC...
Published: April 20, 2020 Viewed: 1722 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Hotwork International
Liquid Glass has to be drained from a Furnace before major Repair can happen.   FURNACE DRAINING Furnace Draining with complete Water Recycling 600T of glass drained in 32 hours using a scraper and cooling tower with only 5Nm³/h fresh water. • ...
Published: April 20, 2020 Viewed: 1699 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
CelSian Glass Experts
LAB EXPERIMENTS AND GLASS QUALITY. Our glass experts have developed several unique set-ups to study raw materials, refractory materials and physical properties of glass.   Melt observation and Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) Video recording of glass fo...
Published: February 21, 2020 Viewed: 1444 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
Mould equipment inspection with gauges is very important to ensure a good glass container production. No matter if it is the Neck Ring, Blow Mould, Blank, Baffle, Blow Head, Guide Plate, Plunger (Plug), Thimble or Take Out Tong, all must be inspected...
Published: March 30, 2018 Viewed: 4327 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Glass Container Manufacturing Consulting Ltd
We host the Largest Group of Independent Glass Container Manufacturing Experts and Consultants in the World   Together, this represents THOUSANDS of Years of Experience... and all Now Available for You to tap into, with any single request you prese...
Published: November 13, 2023 Viewed: 123 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Maintain the high-quality standard of your instruments and have confidence in their measurement accuracy with the VPInstruments service programs. Make sure that the cornerstone of your daily decisions is in excellent shape.   VPInstruments service ...
Published: September 02, 2022 Viewed: 481 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
DECO Glitter Coat – A brilliant & inspiring look Whether sophisticated and elegant or shrill and crazy – Glitter Coat gives your product a completely new character that immediately catches the end customer’s eye. Festive occasions, special editions ...
Published: May 10, 2022 Viewed: 618 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
Labelling is the application of self-adhesive labels directly to the raw glass or the previously coated bottle. This provides the product with an individual identity as well as an impressive look. Labelling is a successful and economically viable opt...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 651 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
You want your product to look good, always and everywhere. Shrink sleeves wrap around your bottles like a second skin, adapting to the contours of the bottles. Sleeves provide space for endless design variety and your advertising message all over. Th...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 592 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
When colour meets glass and both unite, a simple and in itself unimpressive bottle turns into a real brand packaging. From that moment on, bottle and message are inseparable. DECO GLAS realises your idea, using modern screen-printing technology – whe...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 648 (+0) Total views (+ views today)
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