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Existing Glass Furnace Rebuild
DISMATEC offer a Turnkey supply for all types of existing glass melting furnace rebuild projects, either total or partial, including for any replacement or re-furbished process equipment or plant.
We can supply a full package of refractory mater...
New Glass Furnace Installation
DISMATEC offer a turnkey supply for all types of new glass furnace installation projects, including the process equipment from batch plant to glass packaging.
Alternatively, DISMATEC can integrate into a company’s project team working on a new ...
The assets of the glass production process are a significant and important investment of an organisation and should command care and attention throughout their life cycle. This care and attention is best realised by adopting a strategic maintenance p...
Furnace Refractory Structure Auditing
After the completion of a furnace construction, it is important to monitor the condition of the furnace refractory structure on a scheduled basis over the total furnace campaign period. This monitoring provides a pro-active approach towards identifyi...
DISMATEC provide consultancy services from the project concept through to glass production and include troubleshooting unforeseen problems.
Our wide base of experience and knowledge allows us to provide realistic technical, practical and commer...
Hot Furnace Repair
During the period of a furnace campaign life, it is most likely that hot repairs to the furnace refractory structure will be required.
Hot repairs fall into several categories, including; general maintenance, planned, emergency and work contribut...
Premium Bottle Design
APEGG - Glass Experts
The correct bottle design is as important as the product you fill into the bottle. Brand recognition comes before smelling or tasting the beverage. Understanding all the different hollow glass forming processes and equipment limitations allows our te...
Mould Inspection Training
APEGG - Glass Experts
Mould equipment inspection with gauges is very important to ensure a good glass container production. No matter if it is the Neck Ring, Blow Mould, Blank, Baffle, Blow Head, Guide Plate, Plunger (Plug), Thimble or Take Out Tong, all must be inspected...
Forming Defects Training
APEGG - Glass Experts
This APEGG training course is for production personnel who need to know how to identify and rectify forming defects in glass container manufacturing (bottle & jar). During this course students learn the fundamentals about defect cause & prevention, c...
Forming Process Training
APEGG - Glass Experts
This training course covers all aspects of the glass container forming (from gob in the blank to container on the machine conveyor). Knowing which container part is formed at what stage during the process (BB, NNPB & PB) helps to better adjust the pr...
Mould Design Review
APEGG - Glass Experts
Mould design review can save the glass bottle and jar producers a lot of time and money. By reviewing a mould design it is possible to discover why the equipment is not performing as expected. In some cases, it is possible that the mould design is co...
NNPB Introduction
APEGG - Glass Experts
The five-step programme from APEGG will ensure a smooth introduction of the Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB) process within any glass plant operation. Following the APEGG way the customer can expect to produce successfully bottles in NNPB within month...
Light Weighting
APEGG - Glass Experts
APEGG assist glass manufacturers to light weight containers, no matter the forming process and container type (jar or bottle). Starting with the container design, followed by mould design right through to the process parameters (forehearth and formin...
Mould Design
APEGG - Glass Experts
In glass container manufacture mould design is an essential part, without it there will be no moulds to produce bottles & jars on the forming machines. Four factors must be considered, Parison Layout, Mould Gear, and Top Tool design, all of these mus...
Mould Repair Training
APEGG - Glass Experts
Mould equipment repair is essential for good glass container production, it has a direct impact on the mould equipment performance. Understanding how to repair the mould gear and top tools in an efficient way will save time and money, plus it will ex...
Gob Forming Training
APEGG - Glass Experts
This APEGG training course is for production personnel who need to know how to prepare the “perfect” gob for glass container production (bottle & jar). During this course students learn the fundamentals of gob shaping and how a “bad” gob infl...
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