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Wedge Consulting by Pietro Agnetti
CONSULTANCY - Preliminary project study - Cost/benefit evaluation of machines, equipments and materials   SERVICE - On site and remote inspection - Support during project management
Published: December 14, 2021 Viewed: 549 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
This APEGG training course is for production personnel who need to know how to identify and rectify forming defects in glass container manufacturing (bottle & jar). During this course students learn the fundamentals about defect cause & prevention, c...
Published: March 29, 2018 Viewed: 5541 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
NNPB forming process The five-step programme from APEGG will ensure a smooth introduction of the Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB) process within any glass plant operation. Following the APEGG way the customer can expect to produce successfully bottle...
Published: March 26, 2018 Viewed: 8856 (+2) Total views (+ views today)
DECO GLAS has been using the powder coating process for 50 years. As a customer, you can benefit from our experience and from our latest developments. For the coating specialists at DECO GLAS are at the forefront when it comes to attractive and funct...
Published: March 29, 2022 Viewed: 469 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Excelsius Global Services GmbH
YOUR FURNACE EMPTIED SAFELY WITH REDUCED WATER USAGE When you need to empty the glass out of your furnace, we can offer you our services for Glass Furnace Tap and Drain. We work with you to plan a best location to make the hole for your Glass furna...
Published: February 16, 2022 Viewed: 446 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Marposs are a Global supplier of measurement and quality systems for the Glass container industry.   After Sales Service Marposs Care: to optimize quality and productivity One of the biggest challenges for maintenance people is not only keeping e...
Published: March 01, 2021 Viewed: 758 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Hotwork International
Damaged Regenerators may have been a cause for some to shut down Furnaces and perform cold repairs. With our special technology, we are able to cold repair damaged regenerators while the furnace can keep its production levels.   Regenerator Repair/...
Published: April 20, 2020 Viewed: 1197 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Hotwork International
Blocked Regenerators are causing not only problems with production capacity but also reducing thermal efficiency of Furnaces and thus increase the cost per produced ton of glass. Cleaning the Regenerators can solve both problems.   MELT OUT OF BLOC...
Published: April 20, 2020 Viewed: 1393 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Hotwork International
Liquid Glass has to be drained from a Furnace before major Repair can happen.   FURNACE DRAINING Furnace Draining with complete Water Recycling 600T of glass drained in 32 hours using a scraper and cooling tower with only 5Nm³/h fresh water. • ...
Published: April 20, 2020 Viewed: 1374 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Hotwork International
Since 1962 Hotwork has provided Furnace Heat-Ups to the major glass manufacturer worldwide. Our special heat-up technology is based on the use of Hotwork International High Velocity Burners operating on an excess air basis, which have been especiall...
Published: January 27, 2020 Viewed: 1429 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
Glass Model has been specialising in the manufacture of hollow glass prototypes since 2003. We make mock up in plexiglass and 3D print since 2006 too. As the current market leaders in prototypes for the beer, wine and spirits industry. We work with ...
Published: January 20, 2020 Viewed: 2203 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
DISMATEC offer a turnkey supply for all types of new glass furnace installation projects, including the process equipment from batch plant to glass packaging. Alternatively, DISMATEC can integrate into a company’s project team working on a new instal...
Published: February 16, 2019 Viewed: 2275 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
After the completion of a furnace construction, it is important to monitor the condition of the furnace refractory structure on a scheduled basis over the total furnace campaign period. This monitoring provides a pro-active approach towards identifyi...
Published: August 22, 2018 Viewed: 2262 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
DISMATEC provide consultancy services from the project concept through to glass production and include troubleshooting unforeseen problems. Our wide base of experience and knowledge allows us to provide realistic technical, practical and commercial...
Published: August 15, 2018 Viewed: 1900 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
APEGG - Glass Experts
The correct bottle design is as important as the product you fill into the bottle. Brand recognition comes before smelling or tasting the beverage. Understanding all the different hollow glass forming processes and equipment limitations allows our te...
Published: April 16, 2018 Viewed: 5250 (+1) Total views (+ views today)
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