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Since 1922, the METRA company has been offering its expertise in precision machining and molding conception for the glass industry. Being the biggest independant molding company in Europe, METRA works for important national and international customers from the glass industry with almost a 100 years of experience in molding conception, machining and maintenance in the glass sector. Thanks to its great experience, our company offers a large choice of services in all of the glass sectors as well as a lot of methods (IS, Press…) on any type of glass. METRA is a subsidiary of the HDI group – Henry Desjonquères Industries, reuniting other experts of the glass and aeronautic industries such as Adop France (blow-molding for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors), Mourot Industrie (Machining and application of anti-wear and anti-corrosive coating), Mécanique du Plateau (Numerical precision mechanics), Atema (Molds and accessories for pharmacy and bottling) and Normandie Aero Meca (Molding of rings and wear rings for the aeronautic sector).

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