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Neckmolde Lda.


Established on October 2002, Neckmolde, Lda mainly produces and sells moulds and accessories to the glass packaging manufacturer industry. Headquarted in Ortigosa, in the municipality and district of Leiria, Portugal, Neckmolde started its producing activity with three people with over twenty five years of experience in this industry, which gave the project a high level of product know-how, both in terms of production and quality. A few months after beginning production, Neckmolde started preparing its structure towards certifying its quality management system. This process was successfully concluded June 2006 and Neckmolde, Lda became a Certified Company to the ISO 9001. With an annual growth rhythm of over 20%, Neckmolde grew supported by human resources, equipment and technology and today it is a modern structure, composed by a total of 19 highly specialized people, with a productive capacity of 17000 neck rings/year.

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+351 244 861 451
Neckmolde Lda.
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