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Piramal Glass USA Inc

To be a globally preferred supplier of glass flaconnage by continuous: • value addition • superior quality • unmatched customer service


Piramal Glass Private Limited is recognized for its expertise in fulfilling the global fine glass requirements for the Specialty Liquor, Beauty, Pharmaceutical and Food & Distribution markets. As part of the diversified multi-national Piramal Group, Piramal Glass provides turn-key solutions for glass packaging in over 54 countries. The primary objective of Piramal Glass is to understand and fulfill our customers’ requirements and to “delight” them. We have glass bottle manufacturing and decorating facilities in India, USA and Sri Lanka & marketing offices in Mumbai, Paris, Sao Paulo, Colombo and Dayton. Piramal Glass USA Inc is the US subsidiary of Piramal Glass Private Limited and has a glass manufacturing operation in Park Hills, Missouri and a decoration facility in Williamstown, New Jersey. We have warehouses; on the West Coast in Santa Fe Springs, California; in the heartland of the country in Park Hills, Missouri; and on the East Coast in Dayton, NJ. Additionally, Dayton is home to the US corporate and marketing offices.

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Piramal Glass USA Inc
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