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SET is the one stop shop for premium quality moulds, blanks and all accessories for hollow glass industry since 1991. With over 25 years experience, our company caters to the complete range of products for IS, H28 and Automatic Press machineries. Throughout this time, quality and customer satisfaction have been our top priority at SET. We know what is at stake in glass industry. That is why we take pride in the quality of our work, invest in progress and always strive for excellence. Each and every mould part, from blanks to NNPB plungers and bronze neckrings, is produced in-house with utmost precision by our experienced and dynamic team. Certified by ISO9001:2008, Quality Assurance procedures are followed every step of the way. Continuous development is enforced through ongoing process upgrades, major reinvestments in machinery and efficiency initiatives. Staff training programs are emphasized to ensure that employees can enhance their skills and seamlessly adapt to the changing technology. In return, our diligence and commitment to continuous improvement has earned us long lasting relationships with our business partners. From Europe, to Asia and Americas, we serve the glass industry worldwide. SET's modern production facilities cover more than 8000 m2 in two locations with 100 employees.

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SET Engineering Ltd. Glass Moulds & Accessories
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