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EMS Group

Efficiency Moves Success


EMS GROUP is the result of the merge of EMMETI Spa, the international benchmark in palletizing and depalletizing systems for the bottling and glassmaking industries (hollow glass), and its affiliates MECTRA Spa, specialized in the food, pet food and can-making fields, SIPAC Spa (conveyor lines) and LOGIK Srl. The machines range of glass containers division mainly includes: • palletizers for bottles and jars • case/crate packers • robotic palletizers • tray formers • shuttle trolleys • automated warehousing • pallet dressing lines • accumulation tables • lehr de-stackers • pressure-less aligner • merry-go-round tables • camera orientators for non-round containers • rubber slat elevators, lowerators and overturners • mechanisms designed to the handling of oddly shaped container. EMS GROUP has developed new Industry 4.0 solutions for maintenance and technical support: • AR Assistance: using a pair of augmented Reality glasses, a technician can establish a bidirectional audio-video communication with service department, enabling advanced troubleshooting with images/instruction sharing in real-time, reducing machine downtime and minimizing human errors. • 3D MaintenEasy™: easy to use interactive 3D manual, advanced field tablet for on-site access to technical documentation and video tutorial, QR code reading for an immediate recognition of spare parts to be ordered, real-time machine monitoring & error reporting. EMS Group is at your disposal for full-service engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of new production lines, as well as for any type of refurbishing and upgrade of existing lines.

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EMS Group
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