Since 1945 STRADA is servicing the global packaging glass container segment, specializing in the design of customized bottle shapes together with the study and manufacture of moulds which are IS machines compatible and suitable for every processes. From the very beginning, the company has focussed on the most specialized service to the top glass factories in numerous core segments: Soft Drinks, Mineral Waters, Oil & Vinegars, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Dairy Products, Food and Pharma. Such extensive market knowledge and awareness has made the difference in creating first-class products and service, focusing on the right R&D investments both in innovation and product quality through process automation. That's why STRADA is a market leader in the production of more sophisticated containers in terms of design, development and creation. Dynamic, tough, process development-oriented and skilled with several decades of experience in the field, the third generation of STRADA stays on mission: delivering the optimum solution to each customer, the optimum solution for each market. STRADA has always been a pioneer of automation and technological innovation, taking a market leader position through continuous R&D investments in mould engineering, multi axis turning and milling centres fully customized to moulds manufacturing process. Such continued investment ininnovation, together with a fully integrated machine communication system and Robotics engineering on all equipment, allows the shortening of both design and manufacturing steps, simultaneously improving both Quality and Speed to market. Corporate Culture has been a key tool to deliver Customer Satisfaction, enabling the company to have among its customers the most important international glass companies, and a global presence.

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