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Introducing the AiMC-1000; the new industry standard for cleaning glass moulds.


At its core, the AiMC-1000 is the integrated design of a high-intensity laser cleaner combined with robotic automation, delivered in a 20ft container. AiMC-1000, delivers superior results via a safer, chemical-free, repeatable mould cleaning process currently unattainable using conventional techniques. Benefits include cost savings, reduced OH&S impacts and quality improvements. We have partnered with P-Laser to bring you the best in laser technology and combined this with state of the art 3-D scanning technology developed with Siemens. Manufacturers are looking for cost-saving measures, which the AiMC-1000 delivers. Not only in the reduction of cleaning and mould replacement costs but over large production volumes, the savings on glass used can be significant. It also allows manufacturers to move to a fully automated plant. The estimated return on investment for this system is between 12 to 18 months for an average sized plant Key benefits • No polishing • No waste • Minimal labours costs • 24/7 run time • No chemicals/consumables • Extended life span of mould • Reduce manual handling • Eliminate the need for bead/sand-blasting material • Quality improvements • Consistency and repeatability • Logos remain crisp and clear • Mould growth eliminated • Rapid installation • Low power requirements • System linked with mould management platforms • Industry 4.0 integration • Remote monitoring • Low maintenance • Ease of use Contact us for a free trial of laser mould cleaning.

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