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Viewcol produces transparent prints for lamination between glass. Photographs, gradient- and solid colours in superior quality. Maximum width 1570-mm (61 3/4 inch). The print is on PET film which is easy, safe and cost efficient to ship worldwide. Lamination is done locally with EVA or TPU. View...
CelSian is an independent company focusing on improving process efficiency at glass manufacturers worldwide. Our proprietary software models are used by our customers to optimize glass melting processes. Minimizing costs for end users and environment. Our furnace support team offers solutions for...
About Us Cortex Glass develops and sells innovative Hot End Inspection, Process Monitoring and Control systems for the perfume, cosmetics, container and table ware glass industry. All software, electronics and mechanics are designed in-house by our skilled team of engineers. This makes us flex...
Hot end coating equipment - Coating hoods - Central Feeding Units - Spare parts Cold end coating equipment - Spray bridges - Dosing/mixing units - Spare parts Services - Audits
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