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Viewcol produces transparent prints for lamination between glass. Photographs, gradient- and solid colours in superior quality. Maximum width 1570-mm (61 3/4 inch). The print is on PET film which is easy, safe and cost efficient to ship worldwide. Lamination is done locally with EVA or TPU. Viewcol Sublilam can also be used for exterior applications. Test reports are available. Some applications for Sublilam: - Mirrors, give mirrors any colour or design. - Partition walls, bring colour to the office, hotel, hospital, restaurant maintaining transparency. - Furniture - Tombstones - Balustrades - Elevators & escalators - High quality signage - Art reproduction - Wall cladding. Viewcol has also an opaque white PET film which is suitable for kitchen splash backs, bathroom walls, or general wall cladding.

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