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NECK RING -SPECIALIST FOR THE GLASS INDUSTRY Droigk Formenbau has been manufacturing premium-quality moulds for the glass industry for more than 60 years. We are active throughout Europe and are committed to providing the high quality that “Made in Germany” stands for. Our customers benefit from personal consultation, state-of-the-art production, flawless manufacturing, precise measuring technology and collaboration based on trust. We specialise in neck rings and guide plates for the glass industry. Be it neck rings, guide plates or the like: we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ individual requirements. FUTURE_PROOF THANKS TO PROCESS OPTIMISATION We use the latest technology in our production. We are proud of the state-of-the-art, fully automated CNC milling and lathing machines used in our computer-assisted manufacturing. Five-axis machining centres and high-speed milling machines are put to work for you in our machining operations. Fully automated plasma and laser welding technology complements our CNC contract manufacturing. NECK RINGS– PURE PRECISION Our bronze or cast iron neck rings are pure precision, whether none-welded or partially or fully welded. This also applies to the heat- and wear-resistant alloys we use. GUIDE PLATES– ALL-ROUND PERFECTION Our guide plates are fully welded and made of steel, bronze, cast iron or nickel. They are heat- and wear-resistant, making them simply perfect all round. UNIQUE NECK RING DESIGN As a neck ring specialist with a focus on bottle finishes, we are unique in Europe. If you need something developed, we are the ones to talk to. Because of our expertise and more than 60 years of accumulated industry experience, we can cut your development times and costs. We offer you flexibility, individuality and specialised glass mould making.

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