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Bavelloni. The machines for glass. Reliable equipment, long lasting and asking for little. And people you can rely on.This is what we have always done.


Bavelloni SpA provides glass processing technology and services for the architectural, furniture and domestic appliance and solar industries. During over 70 years of operation, we have delivered more than 25.000 glass processing machines to more than 100 countries. Our extensive range includes CNC machines and technologies for cutting, edging, beveling, drilling/milling as well as spare parts for our machinery and a wide range of diamond and polishing tools. Since June 2019, Bavelloni SpA is the majority shareholder of Yalos Bavelloni, a company specialized in the production of high-end horizontal and vertical washing machines for flat glass that integrate and complement the Company's offer. Our machines are available as standalone solutions as well as integrated lines.

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Bavelloni Spa
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