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From the first experimental plants in 1989 all the way to the recent installations in the Middle East, glass has always been an area in which Area Impianti is particularly strong. Over the years, the Area Impianti flue gas purification systems have evolved – complying at all times with the most stringent regulations – thanks also to spin-offs based on solutions delivered in different industries. The loyalty engendered in major glass manufacturing groups, together with the company’s profound understanding of the production processes, are the keys to this success. Our applications encompass: flat glass, containers, tableware, glass wool, art glass and glass for lighting. Area Impianti’s operations in the glass industry concern both of the company’s areas of activity. In relation to flue gas treatment, Area Impianti has created plants with bag filters that cool the flue gas through water-based quenchers or heat exchangers. It is worth noting that the minimum duration of the bag filters used is 7 years. Area Impianti has the expertise to put together solutions that include SCR systems even downstream of bag filters. Plants with electrofilters are the alternative normally used for larger projects. In these plants, flue gas conditioning generally occurs through quenching or dilution. Downstream from the electrofilters, Area Impianti also applies SCR systems for the treatment of NOx. Area Impianti’s glass solutions also make it possible to produce steam and electrical energy. The plants can be connected to multiple furnaces, without influencing the pressure management operations.

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