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Belfortglass produces wheels for straight line flat and pencil edgers, double flat and pencil edgers, and bevelling machines for prismatic mirrors as well as numeric control machines, the true distinguishing features of its production being the high quality level, excellent working speeds and flexibility of use. Thanks to its over 30 years of experience in the field, the company is able to offer a specific combination of diamond tools for each individual machine, all with particular features tested directly on site in various applications. In 2003, it acquired Zanetti Macchine, a well-established company with a good reputation in the production of glass processing machinery, distinguishing features being the use of a simplified technology and high-precision mechanics.Belfortglass today continues the production of two machine models: model BK2, a semiautomatic machine for the edge grinding and bevelling of shaped glass sheets, and the Diamatic model, designed specifically for edging operations. The primary characteristics of Belfortglass are its flexibility and reliability, which translates into customer satisfaction, assured thanks to ongoing improvement in terms of quality and design innovation, as well as excellent product research and development operations. The true strong point of the company lies in its capacity to understand customer needs in order to provide efficient solutions combining high-tech input with a thorough knowledge and experience in market needs.

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