SWM International Corp.


As the dependable choice for glass lamination film, SWM is the leading manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic polyurethane optical interlayer films around the world. The clear choice for optical interlayer films, SWM TPU and EVA glass lamination films provide unmatched optical clarity, lay flat, and overall consistent quality. Known for its extrusion expertise and quality, SWM produces the cleanest, most optically clear films on the market and is the industry leader in TPU interlayer film technology. SWM thermoplastic polyurethane TPU optical interlayer films are used for laminating glass-to-glass and glass-to-polycarbonate applications. SWM glass lamination films are used in numerous commercial and military bullet, blast-, impact-, and hurricane resistant glass composites. To ensure consistent quality, the extrusion lines are located inside a clean room with digital camera inspection and gauge control on all its interlayer film production lines. Designed for ease of use, the interlayer films are available in widths to match the lamination process. The glass lamination films are engineered to work correctly in the laminator's equipment, whether autoclaves, nip rolls, or bladder presses. They lay up well, are not tacky, and laminate with minimal voids.

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