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ROSS is dedicated to developing matchless fluid power solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers‘ equipment and operations.


ROSS EUROPA® develops, manufactures and markets high-quality pneumatic valves and components as well as complex control units for the hollow-glass industry. Our performance level leads the glass industry and with our constant development our products will continue to set the standards. One of the most proven valve designs for the hollow glass industry is poppet valve technology. ROSS® poppet valves have positive sealing with no sliding action to prevent damage and wear. They are also self-cleaning and dirt tolerant thanks to the smallest flow-through area across the poppet’s seal and seat which produces a high-enough velocity to blow out all dirt and foreign matter. Plus, the valve is self-compensating for wear by automatically changing stroke length due to height changes in the valve seal from burnishing. These valves are designed for repeatability, high-temperature service, high speed, and high-shift consistency over the life of the valve Product range: 21-valve block, valves for countreblow-vacuum, plunger control, final blow, settle blow, finish cooling, mould open/close, blow mould vacuum, proportional valves, pusher valves, poppet valves, blow pistol, and more. The range of services offered covers competent support in the rationalization and modernization of your machinery, assembly and system integration of the widely successful ROSS® 21-Valve-Block, economical solutions to customer-specific logistics challenges, conversion of conventional pneumatics to state-of-the-art „plug-and-play“ proportional technology, and a lot more. A host of innovative product launches, regular presence at the big international fairs, customer-specific training programs, and – last, but not least – qualified onsite support provided by our „global glass team“ have made ROSS® a strong partner to the container glass industry around the world.

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