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Accelerating the Industry 4.0 Revolution with Industrial Asset Health Management Solutions


PaneraTech is dedicated to accelerating the Industry 4.0 with its cutting edge technologies. Our focus is on making you successful with the most innovative solutions. We collaborate with industry leaders to identify and eliminate issues that hinder productivity, efficiency, and cost-control. We provide our customers with unparalleled access to state-of-the art research, access to world-class researchers, and key technical hardware and software expertise. SmartMelter While working in partnerships with major glass manufacturers for over half a decade, our team pioneered the SmartMelter solution for better insight into $MM furnaces used in glass manufacturing . Beginning as simply a refractory thickness sensor, SmartMelter has evolved into a comprehensive furnace management solution that enables glass manufacturers to better manage and optimize the life of their furnaces using advanced radar technology. The PaneraTech team has a long history of developing advanced radar-based sensor solutions. Our primary work has been on thru-wall imaging and advanced wireless sensing technologies for harsh environments. Our company was founded on a mission to commercialize its advanced radar technologies for industrial applications. Our product development always begins with industry and customer engagement. We take time to learn about and understand the challenges our customers face so that we can create useful and relevant solutions. Our success depends on yours, so we only use the best resources.

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