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With 60 years of experience and a strong know-how, TIAMA is a global provider for the glass packaging industry. The combination of our six range of expertise, our innovative approach, and our reliability, allows Tiama to offer solutions that go way beyond the normal scope of inspection. - Inspection: Article quality control at the cold end with vision and carrousel technologies such as our new solution called SATURN. - Monitoring: Hot end process monitoring solutions with the “Tiama HOT systems” range (HOT mass2, HOT form & HOT eye) - Traceability: laser code engraving and readers - Intelligence systems gathering real-time data across the production line for analysis with display of the results on a single platform for a view at-a-glance of the plant productivity. - Sampling solutions with Tiama Elab & Tiama Xlab - Service: A complete range of solutions for a global support of our customers. Simulators, online courses, training, audits, article tests…and many others to help our customers make sure that their people and production tools perform at the best of their potential. With sensors displayed inside our machines, data gathered in our intelligent systems and complementary services, all six areas work together to create our Smart Factory concept called YOUniverse with the goal to ensure a better knowledge of the process and to improve the production efficiency. Data - the deciding factor

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