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Sibelco offers a range of services for customers in the container, float, fibre, display and specialty glass industries. Materials offered by Sibelco include silica sand and low-iron silica sand, silica flour, low-iron dolomite, nepheline syenite, feldspar, colouring oxides, manganese, cullet, petalite, anorthosite and high purity quartz. Sibelco seeks to ensure excellence in the mine-to-melt consistency of its materials and complements this with a comprehensive approach to sustainability and safety in its operations. Sibelco has a global footprint and supports customers across the world with a global logistics network. Underpinning all this is a dedication to innovation and technical partnership. Sibelco’s Glass Expertise Centre operates in Dessel, Belgium. It includes a dedicated glass laboratory and is staffed by a team of scientists and glass experts. Sibelco’s Material Solutions for Future Glass Solutions innovation programme develops solutions for customers in the areas such as the optimum usage and processing methods for glass cullet, new materials and activated fine batch materials to enable new glass melting concepts.

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