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Supplier of choice to leading glass factories worldwide, Hogley Brothers are specialists in designing and manufacturing standard and bespoke I.S machine spares for the glass container manufacturing industry. Hogley Brothers offer a vast range of products, underpinned by a breadth of experience and technical expertise. Renowned for our ability to provide tailored solutions, we pride ourselves in the top quality manufacturing standards, attention to detail and reliable customer care which set us apart. In addition to this, we offer a huge range of standard and specialised products such as: o Blank mould holder assemblies o Blow mould holder assemblies o Inserts o Mounting parts o Links and Pins o Tong Heads o Tong cartridges o Neck ring arms, neck ring latch assemblies o Plunger positioners o Blow/ Blow cartridges o Split Clamps and adapters o Baffle arms o Baffle Lock Rings with spring loaded plates o Funnels o Blow head arms o Blow head lockrings with spring loaded plates o Springs and small parts Parts are available pre-assembled, or individual sub components/small parts are also available. These can be purchased individually or pre-packaged into refurbishment kits for your convenience. Many other parts are available and bespoke items can be designed and made- please enquire by emailing sales@hogleybrothers.co.uk. All Hogley Brothers parts are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in our own UK based factory, which is ISO 9001 2015 registered.

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