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Rottler and Rüdiger and Partner GmbH was founded in 1982 in Langenzenn/Germany and has developed into the leading partner for spacer- and Georgian bar processing over the past decades. With the Bendit, for example, which easily processes all common spacer bar variants, R&R set standards in spacer bar processing that have remained unique to this day. The Georgian bar market was revolutionized by the R&R Quadrobot, which for the first time set the course for fully automatic Georgian bar production. Along the insulating glass line, R&R provides its customers with individual special solutions for all their needs, often off the beaten track, leaving nothing to be desired. The peerlessly mechanical engineering is complemented by an extensive distribution of various consumables from the insulating glass market. Just contact us - we surly find a solution!

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Rottler und Rüdiger und Partner GmbH
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