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Improving the glass production process by implementing innovative solutions aimed at reducing costs and increasing safety.


Glass Industry Shop has experience in the production of IS machine spare parts forming container glass and other machines of the production line. Our team has gained knowledge and skills for over thirty years in the glass packaging industry. We are able to provide and provide professional knowledge about the offered parts and services. We have qualified engineers, as well as adequate resources and equipment. We are a customer-oriented company that specializes in international trade. We have great technical knowledge and commercial skills that we use to help container glass producers. In addition, we help our clients in any type of equipment purchase that is required to ensure trouble-free and profitable production. Regardless of whether our clients are looking for the right equipment for batch plant and glass furnaces or for IS machines, annealing lehrs and quality control systems, Glass I.S. can help you find the right supplier with the right technology for all your specific needs. We have glass enthusiasts and IT, which in combination gives us web tools for the glass industry. We want to provide our clients with solutions that will help them easily monitor production efficiency, waste, implement SPC, Shewhart cards. The basic possibilities will primarily be facilitated communication between Hot and Cold End and Quality Control. In addition, thanks to this solution, we will get rid of documents in paper form, which will facilitate the control and circulation of documents in the company.

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Glass Industry Shop Sp. z o.o.
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