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Glass Container Manufacturing Consulting Ltd (GCMC) is available to separately serve glass container production plants, users of glass packaging (fillers, brands and end-consumers), as well as business people or investors only just getting involved with the glass container industry. Helping Users of Glass Packaging and Business People/Investors New to Glass Container Manufacturing is highly dependent upon their particular needs. Special programmes of assistance are set up according to their specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss if you have any particular need for expert help in this area, either with glass containers or the manufacturing process. For Glass Container Manufacturing Plants, there is a standard focus is on quality, productivity and cost control leading to improving plant profitability. Our deep knowledge and understanding of the glass container business is focused on adding value to each individual plant operation. Even the very best performing factories can improve. The overarching objective is to stimulate change towards operational excellence and set achievable goals, resulting in tangible and measurable benefits that are judged against benchmarking with world-class industry performances. The end result has to be sustained performance from these measurable improvements. The new procedures and standards implemented are necessarily tailored to local conditions. Local plant personnel are to be trained in sustaining the improvements by effective knowledge transfer. Measurable opportunities for productivity improvements and cost savings that we identified in one large factory was approximated by an external assessment to be around $3 million per annum. This was all without any additional capital investment requirements, just simply changing the way things are done.

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Glass Container Manufacturing Consulting Ltd
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