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APEGG Ltd is an independent service company, that is providing Education, Support and Solutions for the glass container industry. We create the GLASS MANUFACTURING CULTURE 2.0, transforming the glass container industry working principals to maximise both the technology and human potential. Glass makers of today have different challenges than years ago. • Today there is a vast amount of different technologies available, and the skill about glass manufacturing is decreasing. • Alternative packaging solutions put glass under pressure from different angles, design, cost, weight, and flexibility. • Finally, the glass container industry is forced to follow other industries by entering into the era of Smart Factories (Industry 4.0), producing glass containers on demand and according to the consumer requirements. With advanced technical support programs, tailored training, and innovative solutions APEGG guide companies to success by mastering all those modern-day challenges - ultimately guiding the glass container manufacturers to make the required changes to be ready for Industry 4.0.

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