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APEGG - Glass Experts
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APEGG - Glass Experts



APEGG Ltd is an independent service company, that is providing assistance for glass container manufacturers, fillers and brand owners. We create the GLASS MANUFACTURING CULTURE 2.0, transforming the glass container industry working and education principles. Our FITNESS method provide glass plants with the understanding how to optimise the operation of equipment - leading to an increased production efficiency. APEGG assist glass plants that are in a crisis providing troubleshoot services, and companies that are looking to transform their operation to increase production efficiency or reduce cost. Brand owners and fillers are supported by APEGG for any topic relating to glass container quality, design and line performance. Our knowledge about design and the manufacturing process allow a quick assessment of new container shapes and enables us to provide new design concepts. APEGG understand that machines and equipment can be readily bought to produce glass containers, but its proper and efficient operation is another matter. There is a tremendous “know-how” in its operation, and the machine is only a useful tool to allow the organization with its “know-how” to function correctly. The pressure for glass to remain the preferred packaging is high and many glass plants struggle to compete in the market. APEGG offer solutions to this challenge. No matter where you are located, APEGG provide onsite and remote assistance as well as training. Thanks to our understanding of the glass manufacturing process from raw material to the filled container, and our experience with different cultures around the world APEGG can assist any plant no matter the situation. APEGG guide companies to success by mastering all modern-day challenges - ultimately guiding the glass container manufacturers to make the required changes to be successful.

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+44 113 815 3075