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LCG®: Smart Glass Nanotechnology


Gauzy develops, manufactures, and markets Light Control Glass (LCG®) technology including liquid crystal and SPD films and control systems. LCG® allows glass to change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque for customized shading, solar control, energy conservation, privacy, and transparent commercial displays. As pioneers of material science and nanotechnology, Gauzy is the only company in the world currently working with both SPD and Liquid Crystal Technology, making us the market leader in the development and production of LCG® products. Our carefully curated technology is bridging the gap between science and our every day lives as we pair our chemistry with static transparent materials. Every window, from cars to buildings, is redefined by Gauzy, supporting today’s, and the future’s, most cutting edge demands. With a global distribution network of over 50 certified partners, Gauzy's products are available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Gauzy collaborates with brands including Daimler and Avery Dennison and is a strategic investor in Research Frontiers.

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