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Revimac srl
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Revimac srl



REVIMAC, which belongs to the BOTTERO group of companies, just celebrated its 30th anniversary as one of the most dynamic presence in the hollow glass world. On one side, Revimac is engaged in the forming process by supplying high efficiency forehearth’s combustion systems and by performing professional IS machine re-manufacturing, whereas on the other side is one of the few companies able to deliver a complete ware handling and ancillary equipment such as ware transfers, cross conveyors, stackers, hot treatment hoods and cold treatment units. Since 2000, REVIMAC supplied more than 120 forehearths introducing numerous improvements to the design of the refractory superstructure, optimizing air-gas mixing units and combustion control system in order to supply to the glass industry one of the most efficient and reliable glass conditioning system. Revimac is world famous as the producer of the unrivalled three-axis RSS-100 Servo Stacker, which recently has gone through an update consisting in new gearbox and servo motors to face a major software upgrade. Through this update the software is now able not only to create a custom loading curve by the multi-axis interpolation with position, speed, acceleration and jerk curves combination, but it’s also integrating a self-learning function that keeps the same loading curve and contact point between bar and containers whenever the speed of the phase IS machine is changing. All that up to 22 loading cycle per minutes. Up to now Revimac delivered all around the world 480 ware transfers, 560 stackers (out of which 220 are servo stackers), 530 cross conveyors and 250 Hot treatment hoods, and all of this ware handling equipment has been installed to serve many different machines of many different producers and in many different configurations. Revimac is looking with confidence to meet the most demanding challenges in the hollow glass industry to grant customers always the ultimate design.

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