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Acmon Systems

Your Vision, Our Goal


Acmon Systems designs, develops, manufactures and delivers more than 15 years so far , effective & smart Batch Houses , -cullet handling included- , either from scratch (green field) or upon renovation - most common case - offering also Automation upgrades /Process control modernization within the new “Industry 4.0” era. Based initially on our vast experience in Bulk materials’ handling unique & tailor – made solutions across the globe within the majority of Industrial sectors (Building materials , Chemical & Plastics, as well as Food) , we now penetrate successfully the Glass one delivering, on ‘turn-key’ basis, reliable and sophisticated batch plants according to customers’ requirements by taking local conditions into solid consideration (e.x. raw material’s availability, climatic conditions’ variety, etc.) Batch Plants made in ACMON GROUP are ease of expansion, in full compliance with all safety standards /machinery directives and without normal daily operation’s affection. Furthermore, Process Controllers are also ease of upgrade without production loss. What we can deliver, in bullets:  Engineering & Design  Storage solutions  Conveying systems  Dosing (even micro-dosing)  Weighing  Mixing  Cullet (internal & external) handling  Labelling, Pallet Tracking, etc  Automation & full Process Control (PLC/ SCADA)  Steel structure (if needed)  Modernizations (full or partial of all above listed). Acmon Systems, as a member of Acmon Group, -a well-established Engineering Group of companies with a 30 years’ proven track record worldwide - is a solid Expert in Bulk materials handling. Our competitive advantage is the supply of full engineering and technical support by realizing all parts of a project through a time & costs minimalization. We act as a life time Partner creating long-lasting trustworthy relationships with customers, starting from Engineering to on-time installation & commissioning and leading to maintenance services & after sa

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Acmon Systems
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