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Since 1962 Hotwork has provided Heat Up and other services to the glass industry. Currently operating through a group of 9 companies and representations in over 65 countries, Hotwork International serves all major glass producers globally. Our team of about 300 specialists servicing: Furnace Glass Drains (with Recycling) Furnace Cool Downs (with Contraction Control) Furnace Heat Ups (with Expansion Control) Cullet Fill in (Dust free) Thermal Regenerator Cleaning Hot Drilling Regenerator Repair without Production loss Hotwork International is also supplying highly efficient and low emission combustion and electric melting technology. Our product ranges from: Air-Fuel Burner (Gas and Oil) for Underport and Sideport Oxy-Fuel Burner Combustion Control Skids Pre-Heating Technology for Oxygen and Natural Gas Electric Boosting (full range) Bubbling

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