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HIGHLY PERFORMING LUBRICANTS FOR CONTAINER GLASS AND FLAT GLASS PROCESSES With more than 165 years of experience in lubricants development, manufacturing and trading, CONDAT offers a wide range of special chemical products and industrial lubricants that have made a name for the company. Using its technical knowledge, CONDAT formulates high performance lubricants with added value, adapted to every industrial application. Committed to responsible performance, the company is providing lubricating solutions that allow you to increase your productivity, while ensuring safety of your people and respect for the environment. LUBRICANTS FOR GLASS CONTAINER - Shear spray oils - Scoop & delivery oils - Dual-component products for the dry scoop coating - Graphited varnish for mould lubrication - Lubricants for SWABBING MOULD - Oils for conveyor belt chains / IS machine oils LUBRICANTS FOR FLAT GLASS - Cutting oils - Interleavant powders - Marking inks - Coolants fluids - Refrigerants - Pre-cutting oils - Flocculants and coagulants for Water treatment In addtion, CONDAT provides you lubricants for the maintenance of your equipment: - Hydraulic, gear box and gear oils - Compressor and air lubrication oils - High-performance greases - High temperature greases and suitable equipment to ease implementation of lubricants: - Dilution & Dosing equipment - Spraying & Micro-spraying devices

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