Working to overcome the expectations of the customer himself.


Bovone Elettromeccanica s.r.l. is strongly committed to safeguarding safety and health of its staff, avoiding damage to property and preserving the environment. The products and services of Elettromeccanica Bovone s.r.l. are designed to meet the customer’s demands and everyone works to overcome the expectations of the customer himself. In order to achieve these goals, the Corporate Management has defined the following principles: Bovone Elettromeccanica s.r.l. develops and markets plants and machines for the second processing of float glass and stones, which help the customer to increase the efficiency and quality of their processes while at the same time contributing to the improvement of safety and health and environment respect. Products and services are developed considering safety and people health, environmental protection and customer expectations. The managers of the Bovone Elettromeccanica s.r.l. operate in accordance with this policy and applicable laws and regulations. They undertake to improve the safety and health at work of all staff and to preserve common goods, the environment and property from any possible negative impact of business activities. In addition, they motivate and involve their staff by guiding them towards the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services in order to achieve excellence in customer orientation. The staff is aware of the importance of their work to safeguard safety, health, environment and to ensure quality and is committed to adding the goals set out in this policy. The plants are designed and operate to minimize any possible negative effect. Security aspects of installations are always appropriately considered. Suppliers are selected using evaluation criteria that include their attention to safety, environment and quality issues, and thus work in line with this policy.

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