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Founded in 1987, YETEN Combustion & Energy Technologies Ltd. Co. is focused on developing industrial burners for the needs of combustion and heating processes with highly efficient, reliable and eco - friendly solutions. As a family owned company, we are investing to our R&D activities and trying to give our customers best services. Along with 2D/3D CAD softwares, YETEN Combustion uses Fluent CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software in burner design and optimization. With the knowledge regained over the years, we are investigating the combustion process to the finest detail. After the huge investments to our R&D department, we have installed two test furnaces in our test facility and started to improve our existing products and develop new technologies. Since then, hundreds of burner tests have been made and various combustion methods such as staged, flameless, oxygen enriched and indirect combustion have been investigated on our test furnaces. With these resources, we have the opportunity to minimize the production costs and improve our products to the highest level. Today, Glass market comes ahead among the industries we serve. Due to their high quality, proper prices and short delivery times, YETEN burners are preferred by engineering companies, furnace manufacturers and end users all around the world.

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YETEN Combustion & Energy Technologies Ltd. Co.
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