Satinal S.p.a.

We are italian manufacturer of chemicals, glass interlayers and machinery for the glass industry


Satinal S.p.a. was founded in 2001 and it has a multi-brand architecture which encompass a range of product brands that serve all the professionals of the glass industry worldwide: SATINAL – chemicals and machinery for glass frosting and acid-etching TK – engineer and manufacture of machineries for glass processing (laminating, tempering, chemical tempering). TK offers tailor-made products and technical assistance to glazier which also includes training packages on glass lamination. STRATO® - represents Satinal’s product range of polymeric interlayers for glass lamination/encapsulation. The first polymer developed for the STRATO® product range is the EVA (Ethylene Vinyl-acetate): it is a ductile and versatile film that can be used in architectural and interior design applications. It is manufactured in Italy and it is available in different colors and finishings. The EVA film rolls are available from 300 mm (12”) to 2600 mm (102”) wide. STRATO® is certified according to the European (UNI EN ISO) and the American (SGCC - ANSI) standards. Satinal makes its know-how available to all customers all over the world supporting them in: - selecting the best STRATO® laminating film suitable for the specific application - performing compatibility checks between STRATO® products and other inserts - setting the start-up parameters and during the glass lamination process. Satinal's headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Erba (near Como Lake), Italy. Moreover there are two operational and logistics units in US (Satinal USA Inc. Miami, Florida) and in Brazil (Satinal do Brasil Ltda., Sao Paulo).

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