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Forward Corp. dedicated to develop and supply smart film, switchable glass and power transformers for residential and commercial spaces all around of the world. We provide customized solutions to factories and end users. Besides the standard smart film and glass to factories, we are willing to assist our customers to design the space and tech the installation and maintenance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for: Manufacturing – We supplies massive rolls smart film and costumed size ones with bus-bars to the factories which is looking to produce your own switchable smart glass. Wholesale – Premier quality and excellent performance smart film&glass will match all needs for your customers. Commercial Buildings – internal partitions, windows, doors, office glass walls, rooflights, conservatories, meeting rooms, shopfront windows, examination rooms etc. Industrial Buildings – partitions, presentation screens, furniture displays, shop windows, rooflights,high traffic areas, high traffic areas, information counters etc. Residential buildings – privacy security glass, shower screens & surrounds, bathroom walls & doors, rooflights etc. We love hearing from you and look forward to helping with your request.

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