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Synergy NA LLC is an international supplier of Vacuum insulated glass made by Synergy Energy Saving Glass Co LTD. Started in conjunction with U of Sydney and The Peoples republic of China in 2001, Synergy technology has developed and perfected the process for VIG. In 2017, the factory was privatized and moved from Beijing to Tianjin. In 2020 trials for seven new vacuums were completed, and the company started transitioning for US requirements providing a fully tempered non-lead VIG unit. Today we are able to ship 8.3mm or 10.3mm VIG as big as 68 x 108. We are offering complex composite units with various substrates like laminated, or bird glass. ALL Glass products are QC protected with WHTB Glass as the architectural fabricator for larger projects. All our Low-E is manufactured with JinJing monolithic float glass. Synergy is able to provide VIG with no minimum requirements. We are able to provide service on your most complex VIG requirements to meet the challenges of new codes for energy dependency on fossil fuels. Synergy also provides full services on Glazing projects using WHTB GLASS US/CHINA

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